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Product description

Memory Type

Consumers typically see two types of flash memory – TLC and MLC.


TLC is cheaper and less reliable. Manufacturers increased storage density by stuffing more information (3 bits/cell) into a memory cell but sacrifices durability. MLC costs more money and is far more durable because it stores less information per cell (2 bits/cell) so wear and tear is greatly reduced.

Flash Memory – It Eventually Fails

By the very nature of flash memory by writing to a SD card physically it will eventually fail and prevent recording. TLC cards can overwrite itself 500 times before experiencing failures, a MLC card between 1500 to 3000 times.

Why this Matters

Your dash camera constantly writes to the memory card and MLC cards often have better error correction, wear levelling and controller chips which increase performance and lifespan. 

Our SD Card Recommendations

We focus on MLC cards which are slightly more expensive but significantly increased reliability and peace of mind.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee SD card performance given their intrinsic nature and it is essential that you perform regular tests to make sure the cards/memory is working and replace them at least every 12 months to ensure that our equipment has captured events accordingly.

Regular Testing

Our witness cameras and solutions are built to the highest standards and are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.  Due to the nature of SD Cards and Flash memory we always advise our clients that they should perform regular checks to ensure that the memory is recording.

Our Titan 1 and Titan 2 cameras are self-formatting and remove the need for the removal of the SD card every 4-6 week (on average) to be reformatted. The camera will ring fence any events that have been saved. Re format the rest of the memory card. Once complete the Events are moved to the newly formatted area and the camera then re formats the unformatted area.

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